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2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Christopher Aponte, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Yesterday was the first day of NASCAR Preseason Thunder, which saw cars going up to 210mph in draft. The fastest that is has ever been in a long long time.
    Reason for this? Increase of hp (27hp) due to changes in the carburetor to let more air in. And if not mistaken a lower rear wing.
    Day 2 saw less speed, but still 200+.
    I guess Daytona will be something else to see in February ;)
  2. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    If they show it in Spain, indeed, but we had it 2 years ago in Teledeporte and then they decided to stop showing it for an unknown reason...
  3. They don't show NASCAR in The Netherlands either :(
    I hope there will be a good stream available.
  4. Anyone know which tv-station in Mexico will show it?
  5. I really want to see it in the netherlands to RTLGP doesn't even send anything about NASCAR or INDY car

  6. The stated combination above, along with the body shape of the current cars also helps - last year they were peaking at 200 before some tweaks to the plate brought them down.. this year there has been a change to the intake, moving it up higher on the bumper as well. The races next month will be interesting to see if the 2 car draft used last year is back or gone (which is what they were trying for).
    Being a die-hard NASCAR fan (and F1 fan as well) this time of year always gets me amped up for the coming season.. so much testing, so many new car/driver combos to be proven.. looks like a great year is building!
  7. NASCAR early predictions. Who do you think who win, second or third. CUP series (edit CUP next by the forum)
  8. I hope
    1: Jeff Gordon
    2: AJ Allmendinger
    3: Kasey Khane
    I know that that are nearly no chances that will happen
  9. Predictions for the Cup or for Daytona?
  10. CUP series
  11. Allmendinger wins a race.

    Cousin Carl (Edwards) wins his first (and only) Cup.

    Mostly usual suspects in the chase (Steward, Gordon, Johnson, Edwards, Biffle, Schrub etc.)
    Dark horses may include:
    Marcos Ambrose
    Kasey Kahne (now with Hendrick)
    Allmendinger (now with Penske)
  12. 1. Tony Stewart
    2. Jimmie Johnson
    3. Carl Edwards
  13. placed a 20SEK bet on Kenseth, Dale Jr. or Stewart to win the Daytona 500, won 340SEK :)
    will do the same with Harvick, Gordon and Hamlin for Phoenix.
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  14. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Dan Amon FTW!
  15. whahahaha Nice one!
    Go straight en go fast xD
  16. Please, Can I watch Nascar online?? Like league pass on NBA. Something you pay for it and have a nice quality, should be nice choose what and when to watch in a good quality.
  17. That would be great!! Here in UK we don't do Nascar, just the Queen, and she sticks to the speed limit anyway :(

  18. I think you can.
  19. Simple Answer is Yes, this is the internet, anything is possible believe me, Nasa got Hacked, 1 person nicked over 500 Thousand Credentials of people, and much more, you just have to look in the right place, i'll give you a hint: Google.
  20. your good