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2012 HRT Suit High and Standars resolution

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Slave, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. Wow dude you're fast :confused: Thanks!
  2. [​IMG]
    Two are missing bum around of golden color and the ermastel logo
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  3. Thanks!
    I will be improve the back. What is the problem with ermestel logo?

  4. Good work as allways, but i'm disappointed, Slave, you know why...:notworthy:
  5. Silver Benz be patience!!! :D as possible as i will be upload...
  6. i changed! thanx!
  7. I had to use a different version when I create the taking.
  8. This is Melbourne version.
    I made the Bahrein version.
    Would you like use the melbourne version?
  9. Do not force yourself has to make another version for me. If it is necessary I modified for my use staff.
    In Melbourne, he(it) already had 3version postpone(differ). All as their car which(who) changes souvant.
  10. If you want to pleasure slave is sending to me this is my mail gaetano.lamarca.d4gi @ alice.it ..... thanks in advance ..:)
  11. I don't force my version,just make my custom suits.Do not have to use...
  12. The melbourne version??? I make the evening ;)
  13. I mean for my personal use.
    Bad translation, I am French and not mastery not forcing very well English.
  14. Slave, warok is using translator and what you read isn't really what he means. I think what he really wanted to say is, that if it's for him, you don't have to make the melbourne version, just because he said you that. He can modiffy the suit for himself ^^
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  15. I'm Hungarian ,i'm not perfect in English too.
  16. Thanks lKBZl! I thought the same.
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  17. Okkkkk Slave ..... wait ... Thanks;)