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2012 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula 1 Race Comments' started by Hampus Andersson, May 27, 2012.

  1. Sebastian Vettel

  2. Mark Webber

  3. Lewis Hamilton

  4. Jenson Button

  5. Fernando Alonso

  6. Felipe Massa

  7. Michael Schumacher

  8. Nico Rosberg

  9. Kimi Räikkönen

  10. Romain Grosjean

  11. Somebody else

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  1. Grand Prix du Canada
    2012 Standings
    2012 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix Preview
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  2. Judging by the 07-08-10 i´d say that Hamilton this time should find his way around here quicker then anyone else but with the season looking like this it´s wide open, i won´t even try to predict anything anymore as it´s impossible this year :)

    2011 Review,
  3. Nah, Schumacher is gonna win this one. McLaren does have the top speed, but their car is built for high-downforce tracks like Silverstone, so that's when Hamilton will finally get his first win ;) The Mercedes on the other hand is absolutely perfect for Montreal: high top speed, fast in slow corners and very strong traction. And thanks to the Double DRS, which will have a huge effect here, they should get 1-2 in qualifying by a quarter mile.
    Schumacher has proven last year (and a few times before) that he's awesome at this track and his bad luck HAS to end now ^^

    And my predictions, since I'm not chicken :p

    1. Schumacher
    2. Rosberg
    3. Raikkonen

    Pole: Schumacher
    Fastest Lap: Schumacher
    First DNF: Grosjean - always a safe bet for this one :D
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  4. We will see, should be interesting, perhaps the Ferrari´s are joining as well, that car has incredible traction.
    Always great starts this year from both drivers.
  5. I think Lotus will do well in Canada if only it will be really hot. Mercs are clear favorites, but my bet on Rosberg. Force India will be dark horse, now it's the time :)
  6. Very true, they were also strong there last year and apparently got a lot of upgrades coming for the GP (again).
  7. Yay, another real race track, after the borefest that was Monaco. Hope Schumi makes it 7 from 7 race winners :)
  8. Schumacher will have confidence from getting pole in Monaco, despite the crap that happened in the race, I'm more than sure he will stick it on pole and lead it home to the finish, old style :p.
  9. I'm a bit miffed already that the BBC highlights won't start until about 10.30pm on qualy and race day. It would have made much better sense to screen the race live as it is primetime TV in the UK. And what are they doing? showing the borefest Valenica live. Idiots.
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  10. Schumacher has the Right place to turn his luck now with Montreal
    Let's c how the Merc team Perform with Double DRS
  11. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Probably costs twice as much for the penny-pinching BBC to send everyone to Montreal as is does to go to Spain.
  12. Didn't they just take turns at picking races?

    For example like this:

    BBC: British GP
    Sky: Season opener
    BBC: Monaco
    Sky: Montreal
    BBC: Season finale
    Sky: etc.

    Because then you can't really blame them for not getting all the good races/getting some bad ones.
  13. ?

    Sky shows all the races so how would they pick turns?
  14. Well, picking the ones that BBC can't have.

    Edit: Found it:
  15. Some odd picking going on then,
  16. Read what I just linked. And it's not my fault what they picked <.<
  17. This may make me unpopular but: I d/l'd sky's coverage over BBC's coverage.
    (I have to d/l one or the other, I live in the USA and speed coverage is just awful.)

    But I like brundle/croft/davidson/kravitz.

    ...damon hill kinda sucks tho. (I guess they needed someone to wear crazy floral shirts.)
  18. I never said it was your fault. And you edited your post meaning i can´t possibly know that unless i watch the thread again.
    I can´t go back in time and re-write my post now can i ;)
  19. I dont like Sky really. Its abit over the top for me.
    I always watched BCC the last years. So i watch it also this season when they broadcast.
    Otherwise i am forced to watch Olav here on RTL 7. Wich is a fun guy but he misses to much of the race. Never understand why they dont put a retired racing driver next to him or something like that.
  20. It seemed like you were doubting what I wrote based on the fact that the picks seemed strange to you. But okay, let's stop the bickering here and focus on the matter at hand :)
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