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Skins 2012 BMW M3 GT2 ALMS #55 and #56 2.0

ALMS 2012 skins

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  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Fabulous, may this be the first of many ALMS skins to come :)
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  2. Very good thank you! :thumbsup:
  3. Love these!
  4. Very nice. Excellent
  5. What troll rated this at 2 stars??? There was 5/5 stars with two votes, and now with three, it has gone down to 4/5 with one extra vote. Do the math. The third is a rating of 2 stars. Thanks.
  6. Hi mclarenf1papa, nice work, I wonder if you could help me, im looking for a PSD file of the M3 GT2 in original form with no mods, ready to be edited in photoshop, im still in the learning process of importing/converting PSSG files, but export is not a problem. I have looked at other peoples skin mods to see if they have included any PSD files in their downloads but no one has, I and many others would be grateful for a download included of the PSD file so us people who are learning can practice, many thanks.
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  7. Unauthorized upload to drivingitalia.net with no credit given.... WTF :mad:
  8. me too i had a black caterham upload with black rims and now
    some dude called- marcocale have uploaded my black rims
    i know that they are mine because a applied a new logo on it:cry::cry:
  9. Yeah, they didn't even try to disguise that it's mine. Same pics as here and everything.... I left a little "file broken" note for everyone to see, telling drivingitalia to give me credit though, so I'm content. ;)
  10. All is well with the Drivingitalia guys :)
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