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2011 Formula One Korean Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula 1 Race Comments' started by Scott Webber, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. [​IMG]
    This track has the longest straight on the calender and a very long DRS Zone, hopefully we're see alot of overtaking, will it be raining like last year? This is the Korean Grand Prix!
  2. rain rain rain rain rain rain (*chanting army*) last years GP was vey exciting, if it doesnt rain i expect the aritficial rain they so talk about.
  3. James Chant

    James Chant

    Please ask me for the use of my army in future!

    I am awake, so I will watch FP1 tonight
  4. Nothing going on in FP1, pouring down rain and for a lot of drivers is useless to go out there. Hamilton is the only big name to set a lap at the time of this post and it was a pretty slow time to be honest with Buemi only a second back of his time. Ferrari already said they will not send out Alonso or Massa.

    Seems like you stayed up for nothing James lol.

    *edit* Seems Hamilton's bravery is contagious, others have left the garage and went onto the track and at this moment Shumi is getting ready to head out, should be interesting to see how Shumi laps considering he's a boss in wet conditions. Also Buemi has now passed Hamilton's time. And a last thing, I guess Ferrari lied to their Twitter followers, Alonso has just left the pits and has started his first lap. I'm also only following the practice on the F1 app so I can't tell for sure but I think it's safe to assume it's not raining as hard and track conditions are improving.

    *edit 2* How bout that? I called Shumi kicking some ass in FP1 XD Takes the fastest time from Vettel with 15 seconds left I believe it was, and Di Resta made a good attempt at taking over Schumi's spot setting the fastest sector 1 time in his last lap but couldn't follow through ending right behind Vettel in third. Seems like practice was more interesting than I originally predicted ;)
  5. Maybe Alonso talked to his team about letting him out ?
  6. Perhaps, however he just drove out and then came back into the pits, never set a lap time but left the garage multiple times. Surprisingly only Maldonado went off the track which is surprising considering the number of wrecks in the wet race last year.
  7. Well, if most of them are just cruising around that would explain why...
  8. LoL. ^^:cool:
    After last year i dont think any1 wants to even try this track on the wets.
  9. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    FP2 seemed a little bit more exciting.
    Especially with cars on dry tyres skating around in circles on a wet track!
  10. This year, the wall on the inside of turn 17 has been moved back about 8 feet to give the drivers better visibility around the corner.
  11. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I'm pretty sure there's only one DRS zone.
    The straight between Turns 2 and 3.
  12. i read 2 DRS Zones, they must be wrong, i'll edit it soon :)
  13. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Korean layout looks awfully like Sepang, was almost certain it was it for a second.
  14. true, but still a real challengin track, especially sectors 2 and 3.
  15. Having driven both virtual versions of these tracks in F1 2010, I don't think they are at all the same. The drivers at Korea are much more busy with the turns in sectors 2 and 3 just as Diego pointed out.
  16. Judging from my experience from F1 2011. I despise this track. lol
    But really, it has too many damn corners. 2 long a$s straights and 505595995 corners. But again, you gotta give it to the drivers, it is really a challenging track.
  17. really? u mean 2010 was terrible with this track 2011 i happy to be #26 on the wet TT :p
  18. I missed 2010 Korean GP, got my real first look at it. I kind of like it, i would vote that as one of Tilkes better days. It has one straight that is long enough for good drafting and i can somehow give those two hairpins a reason to exist. Not the most elegant solution but effective and simple. Badfor drivers, the rhythm gets lost there but once sector 2 begins to flow to sector 3 it gets very good. The street-section is a good idea, even if it feels a little bit forced. Lacks a little bit of attitude and character. If they get to finish the streetsection someday it could give it the necessary spirit.

    Not the worst Tilke in anycase, that honor goes to Abu Dhabi (and to the amateur owners that just have too much money...) Track that works only with modern type of F1 (or other modern high powered open wheelers..) is a sign of bad track design. There are a lot of tracks that these F1s can't drive in anymore, they've evolved to another state of racing and needs new kind of tracks. IMHO F1 will need a new concept very soon, maybe a lot less aero efficiency, more drag and enough small bore turbo power to make the Earth tilt in it's axis.. But some really radical changes, semi-open wheels maybe?

    If they just changed one thing in all of the tracks: make a complete 180 and return to the old gravel traps that let the cars sink. These new mall parking lots they install at every corner have reduced the cost of small mistakes to almost none. It's much less demanding and more predictable, just what teams want. They don't like extra variables and FIA haven't realized what it does to the races; every car finishes and positions don't change much as every mistake can almost be erased from the lap times. Instead they installed KERSPLUSDRS and changed the tires (that was a good move..) and ruined a lot of circuits trying to make artificial passing points taking all the oomph from old school HC tracks..

    They should've keep feeling of danger closer and we would've seen some Vettel DNF's, Hamilton getting stuck in grass for every race etc. Some randomality is essential to motor racing. I'm not expecting a huge race this weekend but anything can happen, there are some places that have been designed very cleverly to allow a little difference in racing lines between defender and attacker. If there is only one way around the corner it limits the space available, two cars won't fit to excact same location in space/time. Somehow i get the feeling of Australian / Canadian GP circuits. I like them both..
  19. We saw a good GP here last year, and if we see a good GP this year, that makes it a 100% success rate. Tilke does have his good days and his bad days, but I think Korea has a decent track, with a lot of variety for the drivers to stay concentrated on.

    Agreed with the above post though, Melbourne it ain't
  20. I like the last two turns of this track. It takes me back to Autopolis, my favourite track of all time. Don't hit that kerb on the inside of the final turn, it unsettles the car and might send you into the wall.

    Agree with Kennett's post, Korea's a good track with with variety and the new track in India takes some of its concepts and works with them. My solution for the runoff areas is to put a 10 foot wide gravel trap at the side of the road. At the edge of the trap, fill in the rest of the runoff with asphalt. Drivers can't get away with putting half the car off the track, and if somebody shoots off quickly, they can brake more effectively when they get to the asphalt. Silverstone does this on the outside of Copse with grass.
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