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2009 V8 Supercars Season

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Wido Rossen, May 20, 2007.

  1. Round 4 of the V8`s whas driven at Winton motor raceway.
    Of the 3 race`s two where run under rainy conditions.
    Race results

    Race 1

    1 Jamie Whincup - Team vodafone Ford

    2 Steven Richards - Ford Performance Racing

    3 James Courney - Jeld-Wen Motorsport Ford

    Race 2

    1 Garth Tander - Toll HSV dealerteam Holden

    2 Jamie Whincup - Team vodafone Ford

    3 Rick Kelly - Toll HSV dealerteam Holden.

    Race 3

    1 Garth Tander - Toll HSV dealerteam Holden

    2 Jamie Whincup - Team vodafone Ford

    3 Rick Kelly - Toll HSV dealerteam Holden

    That will give the overall win to Jamie Whincup.


    Championship standings after 4 rounds.

    1 Rick Kelly 224

    2 Garth Tander 223

    3 Jamie Whincup 168

    4 Todd Kelly 153

    5 James Courtney 112
  2. Good to see Wido keeping up with the Aussie stuff. I don't know if anyone gets to see the TV footage of the V8 Supercars in Europe, but if you think the WTCC racing is close / paint swapping, you really should see these guys. You can throw a blanket over the whole field for almost the whole race.
    Maybe, you might get coverage of Bathurst each year?
  3. Hey men,

    Yep , i got motorstv here in holland.
    They broadcast every race of the V8`s.
    So when Bathurst is on it`s party time.
    And yes , the don`t care if they take your mirrior of or you bumper.
    Especialy the long race`s with two drivers in 1 car are great.
    To see them changing the brakepats during a pitstop......great whit that long clipper to push the brakpads back.

    I love the V8`s and my dream is to see them once live.
    So maybey............
  4. Yeah i also love that serie, more than DTM or F1. As Warren sais it's close as hell and you never know certainly who will win since they surpase the winning post. It's a pitty that here in Spain dont have a channel to see it so i have to download the races. As Wido, i also love to see a real race of the aussies
    V8 in Bathurst, Eastern Creeck or Sandown.
  5. Those are the biggest events, as well as Phillip Island, (Great and tricky Track to get right).
  6. Well boy`s , this weekend it`s gonna be Creek week.

    All the fast guy`s gonna try to make it on the podium.
    W`ll see howe it turns out later.

    Have a nice weekend at Eastern Creek.
  7. For those interested in the V8's, next weekend's round is to be held in my home state of QLD, at Queensland Raceway (the "paperclip").
    Unfortunately, all the pre race publicity so far has been criticism of the track, with New Zealand's Jason Richards describing it as "the most mind numbingly boring track in the world".
    Actually, he is pretty close to the mark.:o
  8. I like a lot this series, specially the Aussie track concept, I love Symmons Plains, Barbagallo and Pukekohe a lot....!

  9. Qualifying for this weekend's races at QLD Raceway.
    Jamie Whincup on pole but only 0.5 sec cover top 10 and 1 sec cover top 20 positions.
    How's that for close racing.
    Good to see a Ford on pole, hasn't been too often this year.
  10. Hot off the press for this weekend's round at QLD Raceway.

    Race 1: 1st Garth Tander, 2nd Mark Skaife, 3rd James Courteney
    Race 2: 1st Tander, 2nd Jamie Whincup, 3rd Craig Lowndes
    Race 3: 1st Tander, 2nd Lowndes, 3rd Whincup

    Overall round: Tander, Whincup, Lowndes

    Garth Tander is now the overall leader in the Championship, and deservedly so. He has clearly been the quickest all year.
  11. V8 Supercars at Bathurst this weekend

    I know you guys have the WTCC at Monza, but this weekend is the BIG one here in Australia, V8 Supercars on the mountain at Bathurst.
    161 laps around one of the most dramatic race tracks in the world, and usually we have half the field finish within 20 secs of the winners.

    My Sunday activity is already booked (lounge chair in front of the TV, beers handy, food delivered by a maiden, ok the wife, and my ford flag waving. :couch2::popcorn::israel:

    Don't know what condition I'll be in for the Challenge race this weekend. :sick::sleep::bounce:
  12. I guess i will not be able to watch it, i think no channel will show it in Ukraine. I have only Eurosport, DSF (sometimes working sometimes not....), and 2 russian sport channel, Cport planeta and Megacport.. (yes, cport... :) )
  13. cport? can you drink that :lol:
  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    cport? is that a harbor? seaport:)
  15. Booohhooooo FORD........ :drama:

    Holden will kick ass...and specialy Rick and Garth.

    Well i`m gonna watch it.
    Just to bad that MotorsTV isn`t gonna broadcast it live.
    It will be a delayed transmission.

    But yeah, feet up , chips and lot`s of fluid`s.
  16. So far so good Wido, we have a Ford on pole. Sorry.
    Not the one I was hoping for though, but I'll take it.
    Holden managed P2 and P3 however.
  17. i saw the time`s....men thats close Warren.
    Hope so that motor-tv change theire minds....(no way).
    But i hope they gonna show the top ten shootout aswell.
    To bad no Holden on Pole...
    Doesn`t matter as long as it`s a good race.

    Have fun Warren :high5: .

    Talk to you when a saw the race.
  18. Amazing Bathurst Finish

    I won't spoil the result for anyone, but if you can get to see the last hour of this year's V8 's at Bathurst, it is a must see finish.
    The most exciting, close, heart stopping climax you can imagine, especially when you appreciate how difficult and dangerous this track is.
    Every year produces exciting finishes but this time it is truly amazing.
    The last hour is a must see for motor racing enthusiasts.
  19. Ouch ouch, but where???? I dont have any channel showing this serie....
  20. What a thriller the last 15 laps.
    And what a bad luck for Tander/Kelly.
    Every stop new brakepads and have to bleed the brake`s.
    Whincup almost did the same as L.Hamilton.

    To bad the Ford`s ruled this race...( lol ).

    But a deserved win for Them

    Wish they have races with cars like that over here.