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Skins 2008 RLL pre-season BMW GT2 1.0

replica auto from the ALMS season cars

  1. :) Untitled-90.jpg
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  2. yes but was messing with it for about 30 minutes or so just on the lighting , but I struggle with these AC Cars , normal cars I can have all the lighting on normal , but if you look at the windscreen , I need to find what some of the layers are on the windscreens , because messing with the backfaces turning them off I have to turn shadows off , to try and get rid of the squares that cover the windscreen , so anyway after about 30 minutes I had , had enough so just left it to render , but I think these cars some of them anyway , have about 2-3 different panels for the main windscreen certain model,s I have no issues but this GT2 always have struggled with .
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