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2 easy questions?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ALVAZ, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. HI, using walls to create a tree wall, I don’t get the desired effect, this is what I do_
    1- Draw a wall, and in materials I put a tree wall photo, with its transparency settings an so on. (chroma)
    2- Click on “IS USED AS TREE WALL?

    The problem is that, the photo can be seen with bad resolution, and transparency is not shown. I can ensure that the photo is ok, because it is the same that used in the reference tree wall, an object, that I m used before, so.... any tip?

    Sun position

    I know that in BTB we can move the sun, but where can be set the exact latitude of the circuit?, I mean, is there any place to set latitude or sun coordinates to get the real sun angle according to the desired place?

  2. For your second question, in "yourtrack".gdb .
    These lines........
    Latitude = 0 // degs from Equator (range: -90 to 90, positive is Northern Hemisphere)
    NorthDirection = 245 // the direction of North in degrees (range: 0 to 359)
    RaceDate = September 29 // default date for the race
  3. hi, mmm, I dont understand the "NorthDirection = 245", is this longitude?, the name confuses me!!, So changing the Longitude and latitude, and date, in the gdb file, Rfactor will select the right Sun angle?, as easy as this?, mmm, ok I will try

  4. hi, and what about this line?

    Time-of-day lighting
    SkyBlendSunAngles=(-20.5, -1.0, 11.5, 25.5)

  5. hi, I ve tested some values, aaaaand i would dare to say that they dont match with reality, anybody else has tested that?, I shall do more test.

    SEe you
  6. I'm going to guess that NorthDirection is there because the track may have been built at the wrong angle.

    Say you build this in btb:
    If NorthDirection is 0, rFactor might consider north to be in the direction of the arrow, but in reality north might be in a different direction:


    So I reckon the NorthDirection value is there to effectively rotate the entire track, without you having to actually rotate it. BTB allows you to rotate everything anyway, but the value might be useful for editors without the ability to temporarily group objects before rotating.