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1997 Goodyear Tyres

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by aagancia, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. something for the 1997 mod and those who like the not so old school...

    1997 Goodyear tyres [​IMG] *options have red marks (in case you forget what you fitted)
    *actual 1997 spec Goodyear inters and wets treads

    Thanks and enjoy:)

    alternative link:

    Download link:
    1997 Goodyear Tyres
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  2. Really great job Aagancia, I will make my own test to fit those shoe for the team have really them.

    For Bridgestone Tyre, do you need more Pic or you are ok ?!
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  3. thanks. more pic is always better:)
  4. I will try to find some, if its happen, its will be send via pm
  5. These tyres with the`97 mod will be historic.:thumbsup:Wondeful!!!Great job.
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  6. Awesome job! maybe can you made yokohama or firestone tyres to :roflmao: with your own style!

    Take a look on this tyres:


    Red: Supersoft and soft tyres
    Black: Hard and Super Hard tyres
    Flourescent Green: Inters tyres
    Blue: Extreme tyres

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  7. UAU ! very good job man !
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  8. hey tyermaker your tyres going better and better :cool:
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  9. Thanks. Had huge help from some really good hi-res pics for the tyre wall. The treads was painfully difficult to get good pics.
  10. you say iz good pics are very difficult to get :cool:
  11. Hi again bro! i see this tyres are like NASCAR tyres, can you made a NASCAR version? :roflmao: (The problem its that NASCAR doesnt drive in RAIN :roflmao:), or made a version without "set 3 logo"?

    Thanks! :D
  12. aagancia, take a look!, rain tyres for nationwide series




  13. I'm really not into NASCAR. Sorry, I'm not quite interested in making a NASCAR version:(.

    But, I can send you a render XML later that will have the "Set 3" removed :)
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  14. Yes, thank you :roflmao: