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1997 Bridgestone Tyres

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by aagancia, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. Great job man,!
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  2. How can i use these tyres?When i put these in the teams which use bridgestone,then are the tyrewalls grey not black.In generics are the goodyear tyres...:unsure:currently i use the `06 bridgestone.these are black
  3. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Thats the reason i think. Cause the 06 bridgestone tyrtes have an different system, a bit complicated to explain. Reset the tyres to original and install these tyres again
  4. I will use both tyres for the `97 mod...
  5. These tyres should work thesame as the '06 tyres. I'm currently using a combination of my '97 goodyear and bridgestone and all works fine.

    -install '97 goodyear as is
    -use '06 render-materials.xml
    -extract '97 bridgestone tyres(tyre, tyre blur, tyre mask) from generic pssg
    -insert bridgestone textures to appropriate car pssg.
    -if no alpha channel gives you wrong colors, make sure tyre and tyre blur has black alpha channel. Tyre mask, no alpha channel.


    sorry, please ignore my instructions. I just realized I was using my own custom render-materials.xml.

    You will get white tyre walls if you follow the steps above.
  6. You was able to put both tyre at the same time in different team ?
  7. yes, but only the tyre walls. Still could not get the treads to switch when changing compounds, when I make them car specific.
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  8. When i did your step explain higher, using 06 render mat. Tyre Wall for goodyears turn lighter, Its happen to you also ?

    To get both tyre work for me now, bur Bridgestone tyre got the same problem. Do you think we need to tweek somethiung else on Mat.xml ?

    For tread, im pretty sure it the same ways they did on tyre wall. We just need to find what line they changed or add and do the same for us.

    If we get working, i will ask permission to Rian to use is file modified by us
  9. [​IMG]Have a look on what i means
  10. sorry Schifty, I forgot that I was using my own custom render-materials.xml. I don't have the issue you are having. did so many tweaks, I lost track.

    I'll check on it again and send you the xml when properly tested.
  11. Great work! Will look great on the 1997 cars :)
  12. aagancia I've think about something about the way to get two tyre wall ingame. For now someone find the way to get two different skin on one team to put one skin on high lods and the other one on low ones. So If we do the same ways on render files ( surely one for the team ) Do you think we can get really two different skin whitout put two skin different on high and low lods?!

    May be something to talk about with Ryder25 if its something to be possible. If yes i will able to get like pink miror on one car of Sauber and yellows mirror for the other one for exemple in 1997 mods
  13. Ryder25 have a look on the last post i've did and give your opinion if possible
  14. I don't think its something that's possible at the moment. To achieve that requires portions of the texture to be used only for one car or the other (like the car numbers). To do that for other parts, like the mirrors, requires remapping the texture coordinates on the 3d model.

    I guess our best chance of doing that is if erteclas releases a compiler that works for the game.
  15. nah i dont think you are right, i didnt check the render files, but if we import 2 skin car into one pssg with two different name, we can be tell to render xml files first car use name 1, second car use name 2 into the same pssg. We are able to tell the game pick tyre.tga into the car pssg instead of generic one.
  16. Maybe its possible. I just don't have any idea how to that with the render material.xml right now. The main difficulty is that the xml file does not isolate materials or textures for car#1 and car#2. It only sees the cars as a team in the <replace_team_textures> section. Maybe a line can be added to achieve what you mean while not causing a CTD. But that is already beyond what I can understand.
  17. I know, thats why i've tag Ryder for his opinion
  18. Downloading, i dont know you made this tyres, perfect for 1997 mod, thanks!
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  19. Melphiz

    [TruckSim-Map Team]

    I know it's old but this error still occured and after a detailed test and research I finally found the reason:
    You must make sure, that at All Sections - PSSGDATABASE - LIBRARY - TEXTURE has
    gammaRemapR and gammaRemapA set with Value 1

    I've found this when I checked Minardi, because there it was working but on some .pssg those values aren't set to 1.

    Btw. I guess noone has found a way yet to have two treads/compounds working?
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