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1995 South African Touring Cars

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by BruceD, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Due to my work internet's stupid limitations I cannot upload this file to the usual sections (someone can feel free to do so for me if they wish), but this is the link for my SA Touring car mod for 1995, using the Super Touring mod which you will need to run it. All 18 drivers are in the mod, along with the respective cars. This mod is done with the full permission of Andreas who created the original Super Touring mod. I hope to do further seasons in the future.

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  2. Sorry if i seem lazy, but i kinda am, and its way to hot here to look to hard.
    But do you perhaps have a link to the original mod that is required to run this, please :)
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  3. Thanks guys. I will be downloading and testing this tonight.
  4. Thanks Andreas. BTW the '95 SA champion Mike Briggs was actually liking my photos on facebook of it the other day. Was quite pleased with that.
  5. ;) really well done !!!

    Andreas has created some monsters !!! :D
  6. He's unleashed an era here, we just need some of the earlier cars for earlier BTCC years. And of course the future 2003 mod etc.
  7. Anybody having trouble opening the zip file for V3 given in post #4 ?
  8. Gut stuck at work last night. So i will be downloading tonight.
    Can only tell you then i no one else is able to
  9. Since the Super Touring 98 cars are also on rfactor, can I use the skins to the BSTC mod for rfactor?
  10. hi greta mod but why no engine sound in the cock pit?or is it my settings?
  11. Thank you very much BruceD - awesome mod!
  12. Martin,do you get sound in cockpit? ENGINE SOUND?
  13. yes, I do. Seems to be a problem with your settings - as the readme says: It is highly recommended that you download V3.0 of AndreasFSC's Super Touring '98 pack before installing this mod. It may not work otherwise. Maybe that is the problem?

    Do you have this problem with every car, or just one specific model?
  14. Yes you can use my skins, no problem.
  15. It is more than likely missing sound files. Nobody else has reported a problem.
  16. All very good on my side. Files and sounds are correct. And the mod rocks
  17. Great to hear Craig, seems like most people are enjoying it. I'm currently working on 1996, no promise on when it will be released though.
  18. There's a guy at nogrip thats busy with Aldo Scribante as well (for gtr2, but will be converting). Now i am waiting and waiting for the track owners to send me the pics and things that are needed. Cause it would be awesome to take these cars around there