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1994 Larrousse Kronenbourg trailer garage paddock

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by doc303, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. the mod goes on with 94 LARROUSSE KRONENBOURG trailer and paddock :)

    94 Larrousse Paddock.jpg

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  2. Very nice! :thumbsup:
  3. :whistling::whistling: 94 LARROUSSE KRONENBOURG loading, garage and paddock are done :whistling::whistling:

    Larrousse_1994_1-M.jpg Larrousse_1994_2-M.jpg Larrousse_1994_3-M.jpg Larrousse_1994_4-M.jpg Larrousse_1994_5-M.jpg Larrousse_1994_6-M.jpg Larrousse_1994_6-M.jpg Larrousse_1994_7-M.jpg

    look also in thread and download for 94 Sauber LGP (SOLO) !!!
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  4. I have your Mclaren garage and everything installed already and this is just amazing and beautiful work that you are doing :). Thank you so much for continuing Schifty's work and working on F1 2011 still as I won't be able to play that one due to the system requirements.. anyway thank you very much :)
  5. I think I said it about the McLaren loading screen before; the red parts on the loading screen look a little to bright and saturated - maybe check that out?
  6. o.k. i will try it
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  7. looks just perfect Doc :). Amazing work and thank you ! :)
  8. have a look to the new loading of 94 Larrousse

    Larrousse_1994_loading new.jpg

    i think it´s right now :)
  9. awesome! :thumbsup:
  10. What a... boooooooobs. :) Not so big deal for driving hahaha. Joking ofcourse, again great job. :)