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Cars 1981 Datsun 720 Drift 0.5

A Datsun 720 in Drift version, by Bobskype

  1. DavidMassieux submitted a new resource:

    1981 Datsun 720 Drift - A Datsun 720 in Drift version, by Bobskype

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  2. whytelyte

    I wanna go fast!!! -Ricky Bobby Premium

    Awesome mod!
  3. i would love to have a go in your truck but there is a drivers helmet in the way. can't see anything lol :p
  4. Same here;)
  5. Yep, same here regarding the helmet. I moved the seat totally forward but the seat header is still in the way.
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  6. change this to
    Car ini file in vehicles data. Just read it on Assetto support forum.
  7. Wish this had a Nissan's motor....
  8. Looks cool, but i don't have any engine sounds?
  9. why no update i was loving the datsun :( :( and if you never heard of it they was a realy good syclone
  10. not working for me =(