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100 reasons why Alonso/Vettel will be F1 World Champion 2012

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Bram, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium


    One reason why Alonso will become Formula One World Champion: The Vet Voodoo Doll!

    Which reasons can you come up with for Vettel or Alonso? Please leave them in the comments below.

    Be nice and creative :)
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  2. Because no-one else can, mathematically ;)
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  3. No need for any more reasons :laugh:
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

  5. Oops :D
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  6. Top (5) Reason

    :rolleyes: Because of Mclaren's round of Bad Luck :whistling:
  7. I'd like to see Alonso get this one. He really deserves it because he drove a sub-standard car (by F1 standards) all year and would still have been in the lead had it not been for Suzuka and SPA.
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  8. well then U have to blame Grosjean and Kimi, I blame Grosjean a lot more tho.
  9. nr1 reason any of them will win the WDC is because of Mclaren being incompetent.

    Fair game for everyone and Hamilton would have reigned supreme this season!
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  10. Alonso is a much better driver....simples.
  11. I just would like to see a 2008 final style, but between Alonso and Vettel I have no preference.
    Both great drivers, Alonso did a great season with a weak car, Vettel take the best of great car, but none of them gives me any passion watching.
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  12. If the McLaren hadn't suffered many issues this season, I'd say Hamilton would be Champion.
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  13. Alonso is the better driver. he has dragged that dog of a car around all year! Vettel struggles when he has to battle through the field. Plus he looses it far too fast!
  14. The best right now!
    Amazing to see him work.... love it when you on the first lap see Alonso go from 10th to 4th or similar, "excuse me Nando, just need to pick up my jaw..."

    But honestly. No weird problems for anyone this year and Hamilton would have opened a can of whoop-ass and simply start handing it out to everyone ;)
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  15. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    He could've clinched the title already if he'd have won all the races he led before his car let him down. :)

    I'm not a fan of Vettel but I certainly hope he's going to take the title in Interlagos. Not because I'm German but simply because I remember Alonso being an arrogant idiot many years ago. Either way, Vettel worked a lot more for the title than in 2011 I think.
  16. A Lot more than 2011. I think he had the Worst experiences to his past like Getting knocked out in Q2 by tenths. But that was good for him. I just hope he keeps on Building his skills then he can be the Complete Driver on the Grid.
  17. Vettel for me likes to complain to quickly (take his reaction to Hamilton's overtake at Austin) although I feel he reacts in the heat of the moment which is why he does it. He's a brilliant driver though, I honestly would like to see Alonso steal it, but either driver has earned the right to be their, Hamilton must be gutted though as he could and should have been there. I just hope it's a good race and maybe it will be as tense as when everyone first thought Massa had one the title only to see the horrors on Ferrari's mechanics when Hamilton gained that place.
  18. Well He was complained because he made it too easily for Lewis. Not because Lewis overtook him. They are the Best on the track going for fastest lap times all the time.
    But we will miss this kind of fights until Merc got their Act together from next year.
  19. Oh really? It sounded like he was claiming it was a stupid overtake, but I didn't see an interview with him after to explain it. So he was more frustrated with himself?

    Vettel for quick laps is unreal, he just seems to find that little extra and you cannot deny that talent. Tbh I pray Merc have something planned as I feel the 3 way battle of Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton would be brilliant and who knows maybe Webber/Perez/Button could be in it too! 2013 will be interesting that's for sure.
  20. i think you missed Ant's analysis after race. Vettel got stuck behind Narain he complained about him not for the Move and He was Frustrated because he made it Easy due to the Back marker. I don't knew Newey got angry over some one in the recent years but he too got angry over Narain.