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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Wicked event guys, well run.

    Really upset for my teammate Thor, who had a great race going and was robbed with a bug.

    Grats to Vince, for once again doing what he does best.

    Look forward to next event.

  2. Great race guys the grid looks awesome with the different cars.
    Looked like TBR was starting bad again with Greco on the back of the grid because of a problem in Q.
    But the race went well. So more hopefull for this season. :D

    To bad Live timing didn't work and the chat sometimes didn't showed and comments. But overall very fun to watch again. :smile:
  3. Was quite prepared for tonight, knew it could rain during quali, but really made a newbie mistake :redface:
    Started to drive, about 2meters, then it struck my mind...ooohh...maybe WET?? Hitting ESC to check the weather and of course....25th :rolleyes:
    But it was really fun tonigth and the main goal for BFR tonight was to finish with both cars, so we're happy.
  4. very sorry for all those who were taken out by that pit bug, I can understand your frustration. I guess we all tested the STC Bahrain track, at least as far as I've heard, it never happened before. So, sorry, again.

    The race: it was GREAT, thx staff for makiung this possible, thx teams for putting so much into this. Can't wait for race2 :)

    @Gregory: you are my hero, trying to overtake these tiny lil' Black Visors, it was superb entertainment.
  5. This race was awesome for me tonight, no dead time!

    Quali: Manage a bad time (did 2'08"0xx on wet practice just before the race), i think i was going too carrefully. I got the 16th time in 2'09"xxx.

    Race: It was very close at the start, little bumps at my side, but no problem. The chase quickly take place with Joan Pesula, wooot it was awesome to follow you the first half of the race, guy:thumbup:.

    I did my pit stop just after my pass on Joan, but i'm really stupid again, i believed that the speed lilmit into the pit was 80 km/h, and it was 60 km/h. I got a very stupid "stop 'n go, shame on me :thumbdown:.

    After my penalty i was 14th if i remember well and i got an another great fight with mister Neil Gault :thumbup:. Damn those BVM's guys, always when i was behind them, it's the hell to pass. I'm sure Neil you are a very good friend of Lee Downham:tongue:

    Congrats to the podium and the admins, this season promise to be most intensive than the previous. I can't wait to wath the broadcast.
  6. OOh what a surprise, i'm really glad to read these words. It's like a victory for me :smile:
    Thanks a lot!
  7. YEs it was pure fun to see that blue PJD beast following the 2 hobbit BVMs Ultimas... XD
  8. Great race all!

    Huge thanks to David, Xose, Eckhart et al!

    Was punted from behind by my teammate (he knows who is cleaning the garages for the foreseeable future :wink:) in the first lap and ended up last. Bleh.
    But the first stint was still enormous fun trying to fight my way thru the field. My engineers brought me in earlier to get me out of the group of drivers and that gave me a lot of places (Thx Roland and Peter!). Had a monumental fight with Aponte that sometimes more resembled synchronized drifting than racing! Unfortunatly we lost time to cars coming up behind and I lost out to a final 11th.

    Congrats Vincent and Haba!
    Great driving Ludde, Torbjörn and Johan!

    Damn, this is fun!
  9. Big LOL :wink:, the "hobbit" BVMs !

    So no problem with autopit for me (the problem was only me during the pit...)
  10. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    i think I will sing this song for tonight's race :)
  11. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    Results are up, standings coming in 1 hour.
  12. Thanks for organizing another great event!:wink:


    The qualification didn't go that well as I made a mistake and nearly went of track, but managed to get p4.


    I had a decent start and could get in a slipstream, but could not make a move. The whole start was a bit laggy for me and it was hard to judge how close everybody was. I just checked the replay and it seems I gave Dragos Habba a little tap on his ass.. :frown: Luckely he catched it and could continue. My apologies however I did not even noticed I touched you ingame.

    The whole first lap was laggy and stuttering for me, but after the first lap it got better and I could start attacking for first place. I made it stick after a few tries in t1 on the outside:redface:. After that I drove the car to the finish, made some epic slow pitstop while refueling way to much. Had p2 on my ass, but could drive away again as his tyres wore down and mine stayed perfect. Not my best race and some bad luck for me teamm8 Thor..

    Grats to Habba and Ludde with the podium!
  13. gratz to podium!!!

    well done Greco and Kevin!!!

    and big thx to the broadcast crew: David, Xosé and Eck!!!! ;)

    can i just ask you something pls :D dont take it wrong or in a bad way pls, but dont put the "bumper" view if you talk, because we(i) heard nothing with engine sound :D, still a great work!!!! :)
  14. Funny race and congratulation to the podium.
    Our team didn't much luky this time: Luca had a minidump after few laps and Antonio was disconnected when e was 4th :(.
    However a good race and a fantastic job on TV :).
  15. Thanks all for a great race, i enjoyed every minute of it :thumbup: It was great fun keeping those grown up cars behind me which we kinda had to because once one gets in front of you everything goes dark and you wonder where the track went as you stare up the tailpipe of a car, sometimes i felt like ducking down to see if i could see under them to find where i was on the track :wink:
  16. Thats a shame to hear Massimo, espacially in the first race. Think you guys will be back stronger and more hungry for the next race. :smile:
  17. maybe you guys dont know but autopit is not the only couse of this pit bug it happens too or better can happen too if you call
    the stop by the pit menu. to prevent this map a button on your wheel or keyboard to call the stop, make adjustments close the menue
    and then call the stop by the button oh and ofc turne of Autopit :)

    great Broadcast guys awsome race, specialy the fight betwine Neil and Gregory anytime Gregory tryed to stick a move Neil could Brake
    much later and could save his spot realy great show :)
  18. Grats to Podium and thanks everyone.:thumbup:
    Qualifying went fine. Just some small misstakes and I started third after my teammate.
    The race started realy spectacular. It felt like we where four into the first corner at the same time :tongue:
    And in the breefing they said take it slow in the first corner...:biggrin:.
    After first corner I was third after Ludde and Vince(Sorry for you Dragos).
    After that I directly felt that it was very laggy and I had realy poor framerate.
    Luckely I got a gap in booth directions. A little bit booring, but I think that was my rescue at the same time.
    After a while, the second Porsche closed the gap and there was not much i could do.
    He drove passed me and in the next corner he spun off in a very strange way, so I think I must have hit you in the back,even if I did´t in my view. Anyway I´m very sorry about that.
    In the pit I just had to take a leak:redface: and lost some positions. After that the lag got better even if I did hit a
    Corvette, 20meters ahead, twice in the back.
    I am satisfied with my 5th posistion and next time I will check my computer and have a potty next to me:wink:

    It´s always a great plessure to drive here, Thanks everyone!
    Realy good job Ludde to bring it home in third place in your first STC-race:thumbup:
    Thanks to my team and specially to my teammate Roland for the setup and great raceengineerjob during the race.
  19. A very enjoyable and frustrating experience at the same time for me last night :
    -Quali went very well in the rain as I got the 9th position.
    -In the first lap, I got hit 2 times (rear bumper) in turn 10 and turn 11, which sent me out of track. Result, I was down to 22th :mad: . At this point I was a bit "angry" and tried to re-focus and follow the pace. A big battle started for the 18-22 positions, which was terrific seen from behind. Lots of late braking, overtaking, cornering with 2 cars side by side. Really great time. Then tires began to fade and sliding became an international sport :) . Small mistakes and disconnects happened and I was 16th when I pit in; no bug to report, manual pit-stop.
    Second half of the race was done alone, following my teamate Gregory , at a 10 second gap. Finished 14th.
  20. Is the broadcast available for download (or to watch replay) somewhere?
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