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1.4 update - Sky's all white

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Billy Pilgrim, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. I've got the 1.4 update installed. It's working ok but the sky's way too white, whatever cloud/sky settings I choose.

    Anyone else got this? Got a fix?

    I've got gfx cards in sli
  2. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
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    Do you have any third-part graphics mods installed?


    With the imminent release of AC version 1.4 (and Dream Pack 3) we are introducing some great improvements in the reflections, FXAA antialias, exposure and general image quality.

    Unfortunately though, this means we had to break compatibility with old ppEffects.ini files. This means if you have added third party ppEffects.ini's you will have exposure problems or other issues.

    We know this might cause a bit of frustration but as you will find out by yourself, it is worth it, as it is a great improvement and will also enable modders to achieve even better photorealistic ppeffects in the near future."
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  3. It'll be all white on the night...........:thumbsup::whistling:
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  4. I have pp effects off.
  5. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
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    Ok, was just a thought. I can't suggest anything else, haven't tried the new update yet.
  6. with this update AC looks better, concerning graphics. Nice job.
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  7. thanks for trying to help. I'm wondering if the problem comes from an sli gfx card setup
  8. Also, pg up and pg down adjust exposure
  9. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Member Premium Member

    I think I may have seen someone mention that over on the AC forum.
  10. LOL

    The graphics are the same garbage than 1.3.x , the diference is that now the almost all filters have a hyper brightness.
    Although you put Default PP, the sky is grey, or light blue mixed with grey, the blue sky do not exist anymore in AC 1.4 (like in 1.3.x) Neither shade of red in sunrise and sunset like in 1.2.x version.
    The graphics in 1.2 was much better, in 1.3 and 1.4 sucks.
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  11. Must say I was a little disappointed at first after using a 3rd party filter, but after I reset my machine??? (really don't know why, initially the colours looked washed out, and the graphics not so crisp) I found it to be a vast improvement... The reflections on the paintwork etc and the overall look of the game is really quite superb now.
    I agree, Nice Job. Thanks Kunos.
  12. I really don't like the PP filters much at all, so I turned them off, but now even the default graphics without any PP enhancement are far too bright. Not impressed much with the new look.
  13. mines all white too. trying to figure out a fix now
  14. You are describing an issue caused by the new graphics update mixed with old files. You aren't describing how graphics actually are since 1.4, there are some differences compared to previous version, but aren't the way you described them.

    Read the announcement from devs about what to do with the new changes: http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/use-default-ppeffects-with-1-4.29246/
  15. You're experiencing conflicts with older third party filters - the game looks great otherwise. You can adjust exposure manually, as always.

    edit: my mistake - seems this could be an issue related to SLi as documented elsewhere.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2015
  16. My graphics are also too clear, like to much gamma. I do not use SweetFX, neither any weather or natural graphics stuff, not even any PP. Looks like some general issue. On the AC forums its already marked as working on it.
  17. I was having another problem too though. my game has been crashing every now and then and I chalked it up to all the mods I downloaded and couldn't pin point what was making it do it so just deleted the entire game and downloaded it again. that fixed the "white sky" issue for me.
  18. Thanks for the tip.
    I'm wondering what the easiest way to re-install is. I'd like to keep my Cars and my Tracks folders as they are (lots of mods in there, and I've edited lots of skins in the Kunos cars folders). Can I just copy my heavily modded Cars and Tracks folders back into a new install? Simple as that?
  19. I would think so but you may wait for someone that knows for sure to answer. my mods still showed up in my downloads folder so I just unzipped them again to the correct game folders and ran 2 races just to make sure everything was good.
  20. Same here, but with default graphics and zero mods installed.