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Yamaha TZR 250 motogp Liveries 1.0

Modern livery on a classic bike!

  1. ashshidiq23
    Everyone making classic liveries on a classic bike, so I wondering what if I make modern liveries to be used on classic bike?
    So I make this mod for you, I hope it's not a bad idea

    This pack contain :
    -Yamaha Movistar motogp livery
    -Yamaha Monster Energy Tech 3 livery

    Extract archive and then copy chassis_610.mix to installation folder
    Ride 2\Bikes\Chassis

    Ride2X64 2016-12-04 17-06-53-35.png
    Ride2X64 2016-12-04 17-14-07-64.png
    Ride2X64 2016-12-04 19-39-13-07.jpg
    Ride2X64 2016-12-04 19-40-49-26.jpg


    1. Ride2X64 2016-12-04 17-10-17-07.png
    2. Ride2X64 2016-12-04 17-12-11-39.png
    3. Ride2X64 2016-12-04 17-14-34-08.png
    4. Ride2X64 2016-12-04 18-46-55-18.jpg
    5. Ride2X64 2016-12-04 19-36-46-79.jpg
    6. Ride2X64 2016-12-04 19-42-43-61.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. McConvile
    Version: 1.0
    love to see more on the hondas or Kawi's!