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WCP 2013 PARTE 2 v1

conversion rfactor a ams

  1. Andres Strauch
    conversion rfactor a ams

    Download the first part. Thanks

Recent Reviews

  1. Bastian Paisler
    Bastian Paisler
    Version: v1
    No AMS features there. Just a conversion from rFactor. Nothing special then, sorry.
    1. Andres Strauch
  2. paulof12015
    Version: v1
    The mod works fine but the file "paint." Of the part "2" and therefore does not appear the name of the mod in the menu of the game, greetings.
    1. Andres Strauch
      Author's Response
      Sorry i forget
      You must create a .tga file in the series folder with the image, with the same name as the .srs file. Greetings