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Tuerlersee by ExitusGaming 0.38

Tuerlersee, Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland

  1. Exitus
    My first Track i ever Build (Edited with Race Track Builder)
    The Track is based on real streets in Switzerland, the village is called Affoltern am Albis.
    I lived there and that was the track we drove in real, if i was younger ;-) so i had first to do that. :)
    i will hope you enjoy it. but i have still to work on it.

    thx to blackwood91 for the working Map

    watch my Channel for more Mods: ExitusGaming

    DO NOT UPLOAD the track somewhere else without asking me.

    Preview of Version 0.38:

    Fixed Hights, a lot of Curves and added some new Objects


    1. bandicam 2015-11-07 23-27-47-668.jpg
    2. bandicam 2015-11-07 23-28-44-762.jpg
    3. bandicam 2015-11-07 23-29-44-764.jpg
    4. bandicam 2015-11-07 23-30-25-791.jpg
    5. bandicam 2015-11-07 23-30-44-011.jpg
    6. bandicam 2015-11-07 23-31-05-121.jpg
    7. bandicam 2015-11-07 23-39-20-443.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. -Alf-
    Version: 0.38
    Still some work to do, but i like the flow of the track / road. Don't give up and keep up the good work.
  2. Razor94
    Version: 0.38
    Good project, can't wait for final version!