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The Tajo Hillclimb 1.2


  1. Pit Box Fixed

    Rafa Sanchez
    Version 1.2 - 02/08/2017
    * Asphalt more clear.
    * Pit Boxes fixed, now runs in track day!
    * River House colission fixed
    * Free version now are 4 pit
    * Timings revised.
    * Fixed colission wall in roundabout for ai (temporally)
    * First version of Content Manager Presets for traffic

    Donationware addons changelog.
    * Race Long:
    * The A.I. often times wreck into the signs on the side of the road at start of the race Fixed
    * Coming from above,...
  2. Version 1.11 - minor bug fixes

    Rafa Sanchez
    VERSION 1.11 07/06/2017

    * I can't get a lap-time (AB) Fixed.
    * 16000m / 32000m on the track info Fixed
    * Tags suggestion (Chris Kennedy) Fixed
    * New version
    of physical mesh, a litle balanced for motion systems.
    *** Need feedback

    Donationware track addons:

    * New version - Free Roam (No ai-line, no cameras)

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  3. VERSION 1.1 04/06/17

    Rafa Sanchez
    Version 1.1 25/04/2017

    * Improved performance!! uff...
    * Added HD road mesh (700k tris)
    * Fixed some bumps for ai clean drive
    * New and improved Signals
    * New collision models
    * New pitbox
    * Audio reverb sources
    * Set of track cameras (my first time...)
    * Ai line
    * Track map


    Donationware track addons:

    * Traffic mod with random start in 2 directions (36 cars)
    + Track cameras
    + Ai_Hints