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Realistic Traffic for 'The Tajo' 0.91a

Tajo: AI slowed down to realistic speeds

  1. schnipp
    This is a tiny modification to slow down the AI to realistic speeds on Rafa Sanchez' great track 'The Tajo Hillclimb'. For this to work you need to have the Donationware version of the track.

    The AI cars are limited to speeds slightly above the allowed speed limits around the track and it also includes the AI to be speeding at three faster sections of the track in both directions.

    Short preview:

    To install this you have to replace the default ai_hints.ini in the folder:
    It's advisable to make a backup of the default file.

    How to use this:
    In the current state of 'The Tajo Hillclimb' you need to select 'Quick Race' in Assetto Corsa to use the traffic layout with the AI traffic since this is the only way the AI is placed at grid spots around the track they can start from.
    Other modes like 'Race Weekend' with practice or qualification sessions don't work since the AI doesn't manage to leave the pits.

    With the selection of your position in the grid you can change your starting location on the track. I've set mine to random in order to be placed at a different spot each session.

    Sadly the limited speed doesn't keep the AI from trying to overtake at places they shouldn't and can occansionally lead to AI crashing into oncoming traffic, be it another AI car or your car.
    So I advise to disable damage.

    Thanks to Michael Hornbuckle who had the initial idea to slow down the traffic.
    I only took it a step further by adding locale limits instead of one global setting.
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Recent Reviews

  1. davidrd85
    Version: 0.91a
    Nice! This track is so much fun and original
    1. schnipp
      Author's Response
      Indeed, a fun little change for AC.
  2. RaceWasGood
    Version: 0.91
    Great fun, thanks! Just did a quick test with the traffic layout of the track in quickrace mode. That's the way it' supposed to work right or are there other options? (in trackday mode the AI cars just tried desperately to find a hole in the pitlane wall to get out =D)
    1. schnipp
      Author's Response
      The Track Day mode doesn't work, but that is a known issue of the track and the Pitlane AI supplied by it. That needs an update on the track itself.

      Afaik Quick Race mode is the only mode that works with AI traffic.
      With the selection of your starting position you change the point where your car is placed.
      I've set my config to be placed at a random spot in the grid.

      I'll add a note with a few instructions though, thanks for bringing it up.
  3. ALB123
    Version: 0.91
    This is an absolute MUST HAVE if you enjoy driving the Tajo map. Instead of just bombing the layout as fast as you can, you have to be focused on staying in your lane if you can't see ahead because you WILL have a head-on accident. LOL Perfect way to unwind after a stressful day. Great job Schnipp!
    1. schnipp
      Author's Response
      I agree, it's a nice change to just drive around and not just push the car in races or hotlapping.
  4. Alistair McKinley
    Alistair McKinley
    Version: 0.91
    It's an absolute blast!
    Thank you again and again, Schnipp!
    It's so much fun cruising along Tajo with some speed changing traffic.
    1. schnipp
      Author's Response
      Thank you, glad you like it.