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Subaru Rally Team USA #75 D.Higgins 2017 1.0

american rally subaru wrx sti

  1. hossy 0saka
    Vehicle: SUBARU WRX Sti NR4
    Livery: Subaru Rally Team USA #75 D.Higgins
    Class: NR4/R4

    subaru_higgins_01.jpg subaru_higgins_02.jpg subaru_higgins_03.jpg subaru_higgins_04.jpg subaru_higgins_05.jpg subaru_higgins_06.jpg

    Ryder25 (EGO PSSG Editor)
    Victorbush (NeFS Edit Tool)
    Henky SA (3D template)

    I will not bear full responsibility for your using this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. RallyGamer
    Version: 1.0
    Suburb job, was waiting for this one :-)