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Stock Car Brasil - Season 2013 1.0

Liveries, Series and Talent files

  1. Lorencini

    All Downloads: (Season 2012) - (Season 2013) - (Season 2014) - (Season 2016 by Manarim)

    First of all, a big special thanks to Reiza Studios for create all this content on its previous games. All credits goes to Reiza; I just organize and adjust its content to work well on Automobilista, also created by Reiza Studios.

    This skinpack contains original Reiza liveries from the Stock Car Brasil season 2013. There are 34 cars, originally retrieved from Game Stock Car Extreme.

    For each car, I've adjusted liveries, helmets, external glass and internal windshields, in order to put brightness/transparency layers (alpha layers) in current Automobilista standards.

    The season has its own series, and the single-player championships reflect 2013 season's rounds. (e.g, the street races in Ribeirão Preto and Salvador).

    About TALENT files:

    Talent files have the description of all AI drivers. These files are responsible for making the AI behave like the realfile counterparts, defining the fastest and the slowest drivers

    This skinpack has the original Reiza talent files, in folder 'GameData/Talent/StockV8-2013'

    Important: for Stock Car, Automobilista only considers talent files inside a folder called 'StockV8_2015' (which contains season 2015 info). For a specific season talent files to work, you have to RENAME the respective folder listed above to 'StockV8_2015'.

    Therefore, to use the 2013 season talent files, you're gonna need to rename folder from 'StockV8-2013' to 'StockV8_2015'. It is very important to backup the original 'StockV8_2015' folder before proceed.

    If you don't use the right talent files, AMS will use default 2015 season, where the championship main contenders were Cacá Bueno and Marcos Gomes. And, more important, any AI driver that did not race in 2015 (e.g, Duda Pamplona) will be quicker than the rest.


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