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Spa endurance 1

Alternate pits and grid

  1. Matyeah
    This little mod adds a new layout for Kunos' Spa circuit. Start/finish line and the grid are moved to the gantry after La Source, and the pitlane is extended up to Eau Rouge to accomodate 48 cars.
    To use the pitlane fairly against AI, you should first go through F1 pits and then proceed to the second pitlane.
    This mod doesn't modify any original files, it just adds a new layout.
    How to install?
    Extract the archive to your assettocorsa folder.

    How to uninstall?
    Go to folders:
    assettocorsa/content/tracks/spa and
    and remove all files and folders that have the number 24 in name.

    If you use JSGME, make a folder named "Spa endurance" inside your MODS folder and extract the archive there. Then you can easily install/uninstall the mod.

    If you have any questions, ask them in support thread!

Recent Reviews

  1. Xenozoid
    Version: 1
    i just did it in forum thanks
  2. K4rBonStig
    Version: 1
    Nice work, many thanks!
  3. darkelf1
    Version: 1
  4. Takumi77122
    Version: 1
    really good , thank you
  5. Nikola Villanko
    Nikola Villanko
    Version: 1
    Tkx a lot very good! Do you think you can do something to add some boxes to Le Mans? Thx again.
  6. Charly69
    Version: 1
    ...ich habs noch nicht ausprobiert, finde es aber sehr cool.
    24 Hours SPA mit richtiger Pitlane ( it's real ). TOP
  7. destinationriver
    Version: 1
    Thanks, thats just what I wanted to do and asked for because I failed xD if you manage that we don't need to drive through the F1 pits, it would be perfect :)
    1. Matyeah
      Author's Response
      You don't have to use the F1 pitlane, but if you are in a race session with AI, it would be fair.