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SOB_Dash skins for PDash 2.0

A couple of simple HUD elements for use with PDash. Speed, Gear, Shift Lights, and Flags.

  1. Russell Sobie
    Download contains two custom skins for PDash.

    For that super inauthentic dashboard look! Get all of the following info big enough you can read without looking directly at it! Drive your 1960s historic sim cars with the dashboard display of the distant future!
    • Gear
    • Speed (defaults to MPH but can be changed to KPH easily)
    • Shifter Lights with Flash
    • Flag Notifications (SOB_Dash1 and 2 only)
    SOB_Dash1 is this monstrosity:

    SOB_Dash2 is this more visually pleasing setup that takes up less real-estate and gets the job done.


    SOB_Dash3 is an even more simplified alteration of SOB_Dash2's style, except going with dots instead of bars, a different font, and dropping support for Flag indicators as those turned out to just be a distraction.


    Installation instructions included in README.txt file inside the downloadable archive.
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