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Sexier McLaren livery 2.4

Switched colors and replaced orange with gray and added some red. Just like in the Hakkinen days :)

  1. XCalinX
    Hey guys,
    Thanks for checking this mod out. It switches the colors of the McLaren car and makes the orange white and I added some red between the black and white parts.
    It saves career mode, haven't tried anything else
    When it comes to issues, there are some white dots around the cockpit and the number is still white. I will try to fix this in the future. Instructions included in rar file.
    Future plans:
    Replace all Honda branding with Reanult branding. (Once I finish my current Career season)
    Add any new sponsors McLaren might get in real life
    Thanks to @KHarozIN for letting me modify his Alonso and Vandoorne numbers from his McLaren mod!
    Thanks for downloading!

Recent Reviews

  1. mclbarri
    Version: 2.1
    ThiagoPotter said that you can put red instead of black and you will get another car version
  2. ThiagoPotter
    Version: 2.0
    agora, coloca o vermelho no lugar do preto, assim terá mais outro tipo de versão
    1. XCalinX
      Author's Response
      Umm... thanks for the review but I have no idea what you're saying...
  3. lodewijk
    Version: 1
    grey looks a bit odd to me idk why but its still cool