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Satsuma interior leather seats black and red , leather door trims with darker wood, leather roof v1.0

Satsuma interior all leather and carpet floor

  1. clubbin09
    i'am clubbin09 i've made a few mods for msc i'am new to texture modding[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    To install use UNITY ASSET EXPLORER if you are unsure how to use UNITY ASSET EXPLORER there are videos on youtube
    The files that come with this is
    1. sharedassets1
    + body_masse.tex.dds
    + body_masse.tex
    + interior_panels.tex.dds
    + interior_panels.tex
    + seats.tex.dds
    + seats.tex

    thank you for downloading this mod
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  1. Opanda
    Version: v1.0