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Russian localisation for F1 2017. v0.85 v0.995

Russian localisation for F1 2017. v0.85

  1. AlexandrX
    Russification for game F1 2017. Steam games F1 2017 updated to version 1.6.0. Discrepancies of transfer of automobile subjects are corrected.
    Archive to unpack and copy in the catalogue with established game F1 2017. With replacement of files.

    Attention! After game updating, localisation to a variant from "Steam" will be updated. In this case again copy my variant of localisation. With updatings I will try not to detain.

    It is considered changes of a patch from 08/09/2017

Recent Reviews

  1. targonmurmansk
    Version: v0.99
    Спасибо за работу
  2. solidol1969
    Version: v0,9
  3. ardent88
    Version: 2017-09-07