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Renault Alpine A110 - Monte-Carlo 1971 1.0

Renault Alpine A110 1600 S 1971 classic blue liveries

  1. OeildeLynx
    For the 1971 Monte-Carlo, Alpine engage not less than 6 official cars in the hands of different French pilots and the Swede Ove Andersson. The later will win the rally, allowing the French team to become manufacturers' champions at the end of th year; with 5 victories in 8 races, including 4 victories just for the Sewede.
    Jean-Luc Thérier complete the double. It is worth noting that Andruet, 4th at the final ranking, actually finished 3rd tied with Björn Waldegård on his Porsche 914/6.

    Author Oeildelynx
    Release Date: Saturday, August 20, 2016
    Current version: 1.1 (Saturday, August 20, 2016)

    The files to be replace are in Steam/steamapps/common/DiRt Rally/cars/models/alp
    > livery_44 (blue)

    I cannot be charged with responsibility if this mod causes troubles to your game.


    01-andersson.jpg 02-therier.jpg 03-andruet.jpg 00-dirt.jpg

    Thanks you for downloading :)

    by Oeildelynx​

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Recent Reviews

  1. jmfjcas
    Version: 1.0
    Really good work
    1. OeildeLynx
      Author's Response
      Thanks ! :)
  2. Haleakala
    Version: 1.0
    J'ai un vieil oncle pilote et normand (merci pour la plaque 76) qui va certainement tripper lorsque je vais le coller dans mon cockpit au volant de l'alpine qu'il conduisait en course de cote dans les années 70. Il possede encore la voiture irl, et j'ai hate de le voir à l'oeuvre sur une machine virtuelle quasi identique.
    Milles merci !
    1. OeildeLynx
      Author's Response
      De rien :D
      J'espère que ton oncle va bien s'amuser^^
      Il possède une des alpines du MC 1971 ?
  3. Caton XII
    Caton XII
    Version: 1.0
    Bonjour et un énorme merci à vous pour ce superbe package ! ;-)
    1. OeildeLynx
      Author's Response
      C'était un plaisir^^
  4. Rookie_One
    Version: 1.0
    Really good livery, only thing I would like (my side, not mandatory) is removal of the tire markings for which tire go where and a DiRT rally livery where some of the markings are kept (such as the big white circle being the number)
    1. OeildeLynx
      Author's Response
      For tires, it is enough not to modify files " alp_tex_gr / sn / tm / wt ";)

      Concerning the number bench, it was a purely esthetic test ^^ I would modify it in 1.1.

      Thank you for your opinion!
  5. The Trooper
    The Trooper
    Version: 1.0
    Nice work!
    1. OeildeLynx