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Mods Renault Alpine A110 | Monte-Carlo 1971 1.1

Renault Alpine A110 1600 S 1971 classic blue liveries

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    Renault Alpine A110 1600 S - Monte-Carlo 1971 - Renault Alpine A110 1600 S 1971 classic blue liveries

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    Renault Alpine A110 | Monte-Carlo 1971 1.1

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  3. I still think it's too light. I have being playing with blue color saturation (5 points greener tone, +10 saturation, -10 value) and specc (+10 value in the blue zones) and I have done this (don't worry I will never redistribute it):

    20170123005835_1.jpg 20170123210430_1.jpg 20170123205648_1.jpg 20170123210608_1.jpg 20170123005909_1.jpg
  4. Hello and thanks for your feedback !
    This Alpine is complicated. I did not imagine to have a hard time so much^^

    Even in reality, the specialists do not manage to find the good tint for the car, so much there is of parameters which return in set to obtain the good blue. On this page : http://www.tourdecorse-historique.fr/Alpine-Renault-A110-une-legende-_a278.html, there is 3 Alpine with (in theory) the same blue but the luminosity, the photographer's point of view change the rendering.

    With your test, what is your blue's exa or rgb code ? And the grey for specocc ?
    There is something that I do not succeed in making correctly to have your render.
  5. I know, I did the Mini WRC. In some photos the red was very light in others very dark. Sometimes the tone was almost rose, in others almost orange. I don't think the car on the third photograph of that page use the same brightness of the original color (It seems it's painted whith a matte color).

    The secret in this Alpine is the grey specc, you need to rise it in order to achieve similar tones to the original.
    Blue I have used: 0e4670
    Grey specc in the blue areas: 868786

    With this little change I am absolutely in love with your livery. Top quality. :inlove:

    20170124104628_1.jpg 20170124104812_1.jpg
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  6. The body is blue and a little spangled, I am going to work on that by basing me on your two tints.

    Thank you for your help !

    A small question : You have an idea to be able to drive with the night version of the car but in broad daylight ? This mod would still be better with additionnal frontlight^^

    And my last question: have all of the cars of this rally in an interest for you, as player ? Because I made all Alpine striking of this rally but I do not know if it is so relevant... Personnaly, I think that Andersson and Nicola's cars are sufficient.
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  7. Yes, I don't know if it is spangled but is a kind of metallic color. I think whith the correct specc could be very accurate.

    I don't know anything about modding. @RallyGamer is the one who knows about that. He did the c3 rally version.

    Finally, as spanish rally fan I love the Andersson ones (I am currently using this Montecarlo and the Sanremo versions). Andersson was Sainz's boss when he was in Toyota. I also know Nicolas, but I am using your 1973 version with him. But in this one is nice to have his variant because of the orange details. The rest of the drivers are almost unknown for me (I have been looking and they have several WR wins, it's a nice way to honor them). I am sure they have followers. It's not bad to have options, as long you enjoy doing them. We can save and use the ones we want.
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  8. After several tests in Greece (the most neutral rally in term of luminosity in my opinion), it's amazing !
    So, I tried to add of the noise to reproduce the glitter (like here)and it seem to be even more realistic. What do you think ?

    Thank you for your opinion on the interest in making all the cars. In France, we associate Thérier, Nicolas and Andruet in the Alpine and much less in Andersson a lot.

    It really pleases me to have returns as yours. I spent so much time to look for the documentation on these Alpine, by peeling the specialized forums to no miss detail that it is gratifying to know that it pleases :)

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  9. It's difficult to say about the glitter. I would use a lighter grey specc and a smaller pattern. Now it seems more like dirt. The only livery I remember doing something similar is this one:

    The 2001 Impreza has a similar glitter in the real model and the in-game livery by Codemasters only use the grey specc to emulate it. Probably cause of the compression of textures it's difficult to do it.
    Also it's difficult to see the pattern in the historic rally photos of this car. The granulation of the photos mess it all up. At the moment I suppose I prefer the clean version.

    maxresdefault.jpg renault_39203_global_en.jpg renault-alpine-a110-03.jpg
  10. Greece it's the most neutral with lightining and reflections but Finland it's the most neutral in color tones, in my opinion. Greece tends to tone down the colors.