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Red Bull KTM #222 1.0

KTM without Red Bull Livery they're can't call as KTM

  1. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa
    Skin Release:
    Red Bull KTM
    KTM without Red Bull Livery they're can't call as KTM :p
    Feature : Speedometer Color, Green Takata Seatbelt
    Installation : \Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ KTM X Bow :p \skins

    Preview Skins:

    Alternate Link :

Recent Reviews

  1. postewar
    Version: 2014-05-09
    I might have chosen a nicer number logo.
    I like that someone finally figured out how to cover up the AC logo on the sides with numbers though. As this info did not come standard with the templates. Hacked .kn5, for file structure, file names, FTW! Good Job!
    1. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate,
      I not Hacked .kn5 btw I just little bit lucky found the "pack" in internet seriously :p