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Realistic Damage Mod 2.0

If you ever watched one of Aarava's survive episodes you'll know what this is...

  1. CW.
    Realistic Damage Mod
    Credit to @KeisariKine for finding the variables!
    This is only the first version of the mod - The damage model is very sensitive so the slightest bit of contact causes a big crash. At the moment it's just for a bit of fun but later (maybe about the week beginning 29th) I'll work on having lower levels so fewer crashes but more realistic.

    The mod has 3 options:
    Only ERPs- if you don't have livery mod and don't have a performance mod (Only with extreme damage)
    Just Performance files- If you have a livery mod
    Equal cars - If you want equal cars (compatible with livery mods)

    If you are having problems installing or want to use this mod and keep your current performance mod watch this:

    Have fun
    The values I've used are: (For extreme damage)
    <SpeedThreshold value="0.1" />
    <FrontDamageScale value="1.001" />
    <RearDamageScale value="1.0001" />
    <WheelDetachScale value="1.000000" />
    <PartsDetachScale value="1.00" />
    <PunctureProbability value="0.99" />
    <PunctureThreshold value="0.1" />
    <SpeedThreshold value="0.05" />
    <DamageScale value="0.0001" />
    <ChassisDamageMultiple value="0.9" />
    <SideDetachScale value="0.1" />
    <FullDetachScale value="0.12" />
    Feel free to edit the SpeedThresholds and the DetachScales to customise the mod
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Recent Reviews

  1. Marco_POG
    Version: 2.0
    Great Mod! Does the mod also work in multiplayer?
  2. Saff F1
    Saff F1
    Version: 2017-05-16
    1. CW.
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it!
  3. RasputinGaming
    Version: 2017-05-16
    Pure porn 10/10
    1. CW.
      Author's Response
      Ahaha Thanks!
  4. RaceKing2016
    Version: 2017-05-16
    AMAZING!!!! Now I can re inact the Raikkonen and Verstappen crash :D
    1. CW.
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  5. KeisariKine
    Version: 2017-05-16
    1. CW.