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R.S.01 by acm modding team 0.8.9

Renault Sport R.S.01 Trophy

  1. Gear Box Update


    • V0.8.9 14/01/2018
    - Back to the old gearbox more real
    - Very light touch on the aero
    - Setting blinking leds of motec
    - New livery added
  2. LODs Error

    Fix an error with LODs
  3. Shaun Clarke Update

    - Fix on mirrors (adjusted resolution)
    - Editing front lights texture for flagship feature in game
    - 2 Skin team 2016 added: Strakka racing by bm91 RD, V8 racing livery Carmen Jorda
    - Fix by @Shaun Clarke :
    -Steering Ratio
    -Steering Lock
    -Steering Linnear
    -Packer Range
    -Aero and wing settings
    -Setup file
    -Digitial Instruments (depending on Youtube video) or Ash Sutton and Max Verstappen
    -Camera (F6)...
  4. Update V0.8.6

    - tires.ini: Specific tires RS01 Trophy:
    Michelin to develloped a slick tire specifically for the RS01 Trophy, the S9L.
    This tire can be used from 70 ° to 105 ° for the gum temperature and from 15 ° to 35 ° for the air temp.
    The minimum cold pressure is 20psi, the optimum hot pressure is 31psi.
    This tire should be able to hold a 45min run while having the behavior of a medium tire,
    it is classified in the catalog Michelin in the hards.
    Source Michelin

    -New LUT files for the...