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New AC Showroom 2014 - sunset side 1.0


  1. Remik
    New Showroom - sunset side

    adjust screen brightness and sunset light :rolleyes: as well :)
    + - exposure button in left corner
    or set your own settings using ini. file

    How to Install

    Extract the sunset side.rar
    and copy / paste this folder in :
    Steam \ steamapps \ common \ assettocorsa \ content \ showroom

    Hope U like it [​IMG] ...enjoy the view ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. nigave
    Version: 2014-04-08
    Interesting.. also are you going to share your F312T skin ?
  2. Bernd Graf
    Bernd Graf
    Version: 2014-04-08
    Great work, good lighting effects.