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My Summer Car Save Game: Quick Start Build #181 [23.02.2018]

A clean, comfortable, stock start.

  1. sage_of_spice
    This is nothing special or fancy, just a save I've cleaned up a bit to serve as a quick start into the game.

    In this save, the Satsuma has been fully assembled and tuned (including the camshaft), I've put the long springs in the garage along with filled fuel cans, and a few other articles that may prove useful. The spare tire is in the trunk, along with a case of beer. The house is well stocked with food, there is Kilju brewing, as well as the ingredient and containers required to brew and sell it. There is wood by the fireplace, and I've setup the fish trap at the dock for a passive source of food. The player starts out with about 5,000mk, as well as a loaded flatbed of firewood able to be delivered immediately.

    Aside from that, the world is yours to explore. There may be the odd rogue article lying about, which I apologize for. This save has been lived in.

    I just thought I'd upload it, as I've tried a few saves in the past, and haven't really enjoyed starting with the car completely modified, or silly amounts of money, so I thought I'd make something a bit more reasonable.

    I hope you enjoy it.


    To anybody unfamiliar, the save files are stored in: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\Amistech

    This is normally in a hidden system file, but the file can be accessed fairly simply. All you need to do is take the above path, put in your username, then paste this into the top of any file explorer window, and press enter.

    To try out this save, simply make a copy of your save/rename it, and after extracting the save folder, rename this file to read: My Summer Car as the original file did. Then, all you need to do is start the game, and press continue.


    1. nissan_march_super_turbo___90_2_by_hayw1r3-d45w5lc - Copy.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. poisnao
    Version: Build #181 [23.02.2018]
    NIce Job
  2. Scotty.T
    Version: Build #181 [23.02.2018]
    the best
  3. poop buttstink
    poop buttstink
    Version: Build #181 [23.02.2018]
    This is by far the best save ive ever seen. Finally, just a stock satsuma with nothing on it.
  4. AlexLP05
    Version: Build #181 [23.02.2018]
    Nice Save
  5. Zetterfeldt48
    Version: Build #181 [23.02.2018]
  6. latexi12
    Version: Build #181 [23.02.2018]
    you cant imagine how long i have been looking for a save like this i dont know you but i thing you understand us people that want to get everything on our own ... respect <3
    Version: Build #181 [23.02.2018]
    Pretty good save, really nice layout. The only problem I have with it is that the Satsuma's front windscreen is missing and that the car hasn't got its plates yet, other than that, really nice.