• "I've tried everything other than jumping out of a plane, but nothing gives you an adrenaline rush like racing a car." - Nigel Mansell
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Mooncraft Honda Civic Marcas 2016-05-14

Mooncraft Honda Civic Marcas for Automobilista

    JACCS#2.jpg JACCS#1.jpg JACCS#3.jpg
    Mooncraft Honda Civic by Skyline Design for Automobilista

    Install the file into this location:


    be sure to check out https://www.facebook.com/designsbyskyline for more designs.

    If you would like me to make a skin for you either for a league or for
    offline racing feel free to message me through my facebook page.

    Thank you and enjoy the skin :)

Recent Reviews

  1. MysticReverie
    Version: 2016-05-14
    Very nice. Thanks
  2. Roderick Kennedy
    Roderick Kennedy
    Version: 2016-05-14
    Superb,thank you.
  3. Kevin Pheiffer
    Kevin Pheiffer
    Version: 2016-05-14
    A star is born......oh sorry, you old already! Great job as usual. Problem is, we want MORE now. Well done.
  4. heresy666
    Version: 2016-05-14
    IF I had to rate this skin from 1 to 10, I would give it a 15. I (expletive) love this skin.