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Marlboro McLaren-Mercedes MP4-13 2017-01-26

Historical Marlboro McLaren livery

  1. bm91
    This is what would be the McLaren-Mercedes MP4-13 if the team were still sponsored by Marlboro in 1998
    (as they were until 1996) instead of West.


    1. Showroom_vsf1_mclaren-mp413_26-0-2017-14-51-17.jpg
    2. Screenshot_vsf1_mclaren-mp413_ks_barcelona_26-1-117-14-58-12.jpg
    3. Screenshot_vsf1_mclaren-mp413_ks_barcelona_26-1-117-15-2-27.jpg
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  1. Barin
    Version: 2017-01-26
    Very nice, thx