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Kartodromo Internacional Valencia - Karting 2016-02-13

Kartodromo Internacional Valencia - Karting

  1. carloscasas
    One of the new developments that we have been investigating for some time, is the virtual circuit for digitizing our game. In this case, for those who love simulators, the International Kartodromo Lucas Guerrero is pleased to present the layout of our track rFactor1, rFactor2 and Kart Racing Pro. Just below, you will find links to download the version of our track the different versions. In addition, we explain briefly how you should install and a forum in which we talk about the new acquisition for large virtual pilots.

    More info:


    Especially thank the Creator, Steve76 (skip76@freestart.hu)
    Special Collaboration - Carlos Casas from simracingcoach



    1. GRAB_001.JPG
    2. GRAB_002.JPG
    3. GRAB_003.JPG
    4. GRAB_004.JPG
    5. GRAB_005.JPG
    6. GRAB_006.JPG
    7. GRAB_007.JPG
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Recent Reviews

  1. Marc Collins
    Marc Collins
    Version: 2016-02-13
    Awesomely challenging kart track modelled to perfection! Any rF2 user who even likes karts a little bit should get this.