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Jimmie Johnson #48 Chevrolet SS skin for ISI stock car v1.0

Jimmie Johnson Generation 6 Stock Car 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Hendrick Motorsports

  1. howitzer155mm
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg rFactor2 2015-10-13 22-18-58-53.jpg rFactor2 2015-10-13 22-19-10-87.jpg rFactor2 2015-10-13 22-19-21-90.jpg This my first ever upload for any game.

    I have attempted to opt out the old headlights and features to resemble the actual Gen 6 Chevrolet SS.

    The directory should be:

    C: Documents/rFactor2/UserData/Player/Settings/ISI_StockCar_2015/Jimmie Johnson

    Or create your own directory in the Tuning menu and place the .DDS file in the folder you have created.

    Skin name: Alt2.
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