• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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Introducing "The Duke Coupe 320MPH" 3D Model 1.0

Full 3D Model of Duke Coupe

  1. chargingcar
    The Duke Coupe 320MPH!!!
    Just Copy and Paste all the Files into this folder only!!!​
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\grid2\cars\models\b1m
    Tex High PSSG​
    Tex High TM PSSG​

    Tex Low PSSG​
    Tex Low TM PSSG​
    B1M HighLod PSSG​
    Please Rename "1" To ,,, b1m_highLOD​
    B1M LowLod PSSG​
    Please Rename "2" To ,,, b1m_lowLOD​
    B1M _AO PSSG​
    B1M Animm Dummies PSSG​
    B1M CTF​
    B1M PPTS​
    B1M ND2​
    This car replaces the BMW 1 Series The folder name in cars is​
    and its near the top 5 ,,,,Enjoy!!! This car will do 400MPH with the right setup!!!​
    It is prohibited to republish or edit or convert any of my content in these files or 3D Models due to copyrighted materiels​
    Youtube is ok as long as my channel and this Mod are in the description​


    1. Duke Coupe 320MPH.jpg
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