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Hyundai Motorsport Clothes for Dirt Rally 1.0

Dirt Rally mods, clothes Hyundai

  1. Rogerson Roller
    Good morning, my friends, I'm bringing you the modification of the clothes of the pilot and co-pilot of Dirt RAlly, this mod is only for those who like to run with the Hyundai i20, because running with other cars in this clothes will be very strange, and to finish I ask that you keep the original files of the game to avoid headache afterwards, because running with a volkswagen wearing hyundai clothes gets very bad. Any doubt ask a question, have all a great weekend.

    Bom dia amigos, venho trazer para voces a modificação das roupas do piloto e copiloto do Dirt RAlly, esse mod é somente pra quem gosta de correr com o Hyundai i20, pois correr com outros carros com essa roupa vai ficar muito estranho, e pra finalizar eu peço que você guarde os arquivos originais do jogo para evitar dor de cabeça depois, pois correr com um volkswagen usando roupa da hyundai fica muito ruim. Qualquer duvida faça uma pergunta, tenham todos um otimo final de semana. \ (•?•) /

    Installation: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\characters\models\replace here two files.

    Instalação: C:\Arquivos de Programas(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\characters\models\substitua dois arquivos aqui.

    Reference video Hyundai i20.


    1. drt 2017-10-05 18-17-05-061.jpg
    2. drt 2017-10-05 18-17-24-377.jpg
    3. drt 2017-10-05 18-17-26-744.jpg
    4. drt 2017-10-05 18-18-20-961.jpg
    5. drt 2017-10-05 18-18-37-944.jpg
    6. drt 2017-10-05 18-18-40-428.jpg
    7. drt 2017-10-05 18-19-06-842.jpg
    8. drt 2017-10-05 18-19-13-993.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Comic book guy
    Comic book guy
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you!!! Can you do a Ford Fiesta Motorsport clothes in future?
    1. Rogerson Roller
      Author's Response
      I'll check this in the future.