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HistorX 1.96 Club 2016 Setup BATTLEBOX V.1.0

by Stig Bidstrup

  1. Stig Bidstrup
    All my setups from Club races in 2016, each car have its own folder in this download, the sets can be used on other tracks off course. The setups is specifically for Historic GT & Touring Cars 1.96 MOD


Recent Reviews

  1. T_rac3
    Version: V.1.0
    Thank you Stig.
  2. Peter Stokman
    Peter Stokman
    Version: V.1.0
    100 thumbs
  3. Hans Sneep
    Hans Sneep
    Version: V.1.0
    Nice Job Stig Thanks
  4. Rupe Wilson
    Rupe Wilson
    Version: V.1.0
    A true gentleman's racer thanks for sharing..