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Gran Turismo Sport paint in Project Cars - Formula A Chrome (4096x4096) 1.0

Project Cars Formula A

  1. Rogerson Roller
    Installation: Copy the downloaded files and replace the originals in the installation directory of the game "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ pCars" \ Vehicles \ Textures \ CustomLiveries.
    Have a good time.

    Instalação: Copie os arquivos baixados e substitua os originais no diretorio de instalação do jogo "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\pCars"\Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries.


    1. pCARS64 2017-04-11 11-38-56-528.jpg
    2. pCARS64 2017-04-11 11-39-00-677.jpg
    3. pCARS64 2017-04-11 11-39-05-577.jpg
    4. pCARS64 2017-04-11 11-39-10-277.jpg
    5. pCARS64 2017-04-11 11-39-22-227.jpg
    6. pCARS64 2017-04-11 11-39-45-210.jpg
    7. pCARS64 2017-04-11 11-39-50-710.jpg
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