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Ginetta G55 GT4 Maxxis 2014-11-20

Maxxis skin for Ginetta

  1. scimitarboy
    Here is number 2 Maxxis skin. Got my files a bit mixed up as not in original download as suggested :( Sorry about that.


    1. Showroom_ginetta_g55_20-10-2014-22-19-54.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Arterio
    Version: 2014-11-20
    Great job
  2. jaggy1963
    Version: 2014-11-20
    Thank you very much for this excellent skin.
  3. Sunny Sky Speed
    Sunny Sky Speed
    Version: 2014-11-20
    Very nice livery!!
  4. Jamie McManus
    Jamie McManus
    Version: 2014-11-20
    Very impressive skin, thanks mate.
  5. Danny Walker
    Danny Walker
    Version: 2014-11-20
    Thanks for the Great skin! I'm trying to figure out Which one I like the BEST...................=)