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Fully upgraded save+custom textures 15-11-2017

Satsuma is fully upgraded, all parts from catalog are bought, lots of money and items

  1. niccotaglia
    For any additional info, please look at the README.
    Top speed of Satsuma is 225Km/h. (fully upgraded, 3.700 final gear)
    The van and septic truck are at the tractor shed.
    All the parts (aftermarket or stock) are either installed or in the garage. There are also plenty of fluids in case you need a quick top-up. The fridge is full of food and there are shelves of beer. If you want something stronger, the living room is stocked with bottles of booze. RUSCKO IS NOT UNLOCKED (you need a screwdriver, which is conveniently placed inside of the Ruscko) If you also want my custom radio songs, feel free to PM me.


    20171115210043_1.jpg 20171115210053_1.jpg 20171115205819_1.jpg 20171115205829_1.jpg 20171115205853_1.jpg 20171115205911_1.jpg 20171115205939_1.jpg 20171115205948_1.jpg 20171115205958_1.jpg 20171115210007_1.jpg

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  1. E36 Lover
    E36 Lover
    Version: 15-11-2017
    A bloody mazing thanks a bunch!