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Fuel Usage (Esotic Mod) V1.25

modified fuel usage app by Thomas Gocke

  1. Esotic
    I modded the fuel usage app that you can get over here:

    V1.19 Demo Video

    The primary reason for the mod was to support fuel loads greater than 99 liters, but then I added some INI options to add new features, like comparing last laps fuel usage to the average, setting the background opacity, etc. The V1.19 is an attempt to adjust the app even more to be relevant for endurance racing. It can now calculate fuel to add on your next pit-stop as well as show your last laps fuel consumption compared to the average fuel consumption.

    Also, the app should never suggest more fuel than you would need to complete the race (plus the specified overage).

    From the INI:
    ;Set Values to 1 to turn them on, 0 to turn them off, unless otherwise specified.
    ;background toggles showing background.
    ;backgroundOpacity is a float, but only 1 digit of precision (0.1, 0.2, etc). 0.0 to 1.0 are valid.
    ;HideIcon hides AC icon.
    ;backgroundBorder toggles the app border being on or off.
    ;showBlinking toggles blinking at the start of a lap.
    ;acceptableOverage is the amount of extra liters used on the last lap deemed "acceptable" (blinks yellow). Default value is 0.05, but anything like 0.01, 0.1, or 0.2 should be fine.
    ;gui_scaling scales the size of the whole app by whatever floating point number you specify. 1.0 is the default.
    ;lapsOverage is the amount of extra laps to automatically add to the caculation of how much fuel to add. 1.0 is the default. Any float greater than 0.0 is acceptable.
    ;lastLapsFuelDelay is the amount of time in milliseconds to "blink" the last laps fuel consumption and laps remaining at that fuel rate. 5000 is the default.
    ;showBlueFlag enables/disables showing blue flag info on the mini window background. Default is 1 to show Blue Flags, set to 0 to disable
    ;blueFlagMin is the gap, in seconds, when the blue flag is at the full brightness. default is 0.25.
    ;blueFlagMax is the gap, in seconds, when the blue flag just starts to become visible. must be larger than blueFlagMin. default is 2.0.
    background = 1
    backgroundopacity = 0.0
    hideicon = 1
    backgroundborder = 0
    showblinking = 1
    acceptableoverage = 0.05
    gui_scaling = 1.00
    lapstocalculate = 64
    lapsoverage = 1.00
    lastlapsfueldelay = 5000
    blueflagmin = 0.25
    blueflagmax = 2.00
    showblueflag = 1

    V1.17 forces two decimal places on some of the labels and writes to the screen every tenth of a second.

    V1.18 removes the app title and adds a gui_scaling option to the INI

    V1.19 added ability to calculate liters to add at the next pitstop. streamlined some feature and removed others to reduce complexity.

    V1.20 bug fixes

    V1.21 added "Fuel Usage Mini", which only shows data when you're in the pits, for several seconds after crossing start/finish, or when there are less than 2.25 laps of fuel remaining. Below is the "Mini" display shown above the full app.

    V1.22 uniquely named sim_info library

    V1.23 added estimated time remaining window

    V1.24 added blue flag info to the mini window, and a "setup tips" windows, which is especially useful in VR.

    V1.25 added blue flag INI options

    If you have any questions or ideas for improvements please let me know.

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Recent Reviews

  1. rubencer
    Version: V1.23
    Nice Work, Thank You!!!!
  2. VernWozza
    Version: V1.21
    It was user error. Great app. I would like to see the fuel level with two decimal places though, like you get in the Porche 911 cars. E.G. remaining fuel 2.01
  3. ytrezzzz
    Version: V1.21
    Great app one question : is it possible to have the
    instantaneous consumption and consumption in liters / 100 km ? thank you
  4. Deswribilator
    Version: V1.19
    Thank you
  5. Deswribilator
    Version: V1.18
    Thank you
  6. Coanda
    Version: V1.18
    Thank you for the scaling option :)
  7. Coanda
    Version: V1.17
    I love this app. Thank you. Could you please make this app scalable in size? I am a nVidia DSR user and its hard to read...
  8. garyjpaterson
    Version: V1.16
    No complaints really, I've used the older version of this for many months now so its nice to see some updates.
  9. Leonardo Chaves
    Leonardo Chaves
    Version: V1.16
    Good stuff, i always wanted something like that.