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Ferrari Italian GT Championship 1.0

Adds the Ferrari Italian GT Championship into Assetto Corsa

  1. menoh
    Its based off the Italian GT Championship with each track in its season order except Misano and La Castellet, which has been replaced with Hockenheim and Valencia

    • Championship structure
    • 15 minute practice session, 20 minute qualifying, 9 laps race
    • Green track to replicate real life track conditions at a race weekend
    • 11 AI opponents
    • 7 tracks to replicate real season -
    • Real life driver names from the series
    In the folder:
    • Hockenheim and Valencia - street circuits
    • Ferrari 458 GT2 Skins
    • Series Ferrari Italian GT Championship

    Please inform me of any issues or bugs when using the mod and I'll try and fix it. Thanks!

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