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Ferrari 599XX EVO Visual Update 1.01

little love for 599xxevo

  1. Unbiased
    Heavy artillery on the loose. Let it run :)
    Ferrari 599XX EVO Visual Update
    Reworked tyres, brakes, some minor adjustments. Now you can change rear wing side banner.
    Template is inside.
    Unpack, drop into main AC folder, run JSGME and apply the mod.
    Updates are visual only so no problems with going online.

    v1.01 changed disk glow texture


    1. __custom_showroom_1508339615.jpg
    2. __custom_showroom_1508339557.jpg
    3. Screenshot_ferrari_599xxevo_spa_20-10-117-11-2-28.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. fanatec92
    Version: 1.01
    Zonda R and 599xx evo are my favourite cars in AC. Thank you very much. This textures are awesome.
    1. Unbiased
      Author's Response
      Thanks. Zonda R is ready ;)
  2. Krunky555
    Version: 2017-10-19
    Very nice textures but the disk glow is a bit wierd... You should change it to redish ;)
    1. Unbiased
      Author's Response
      I`ll see what I can do.
  3. Gustavo Stiebler
    Gustavo Stiebler
    Version: 2017-10-19
    awesome! Please do the Zonda R, hehehe
    1. Unbiased
      Author's Response
      Thanks. We`ll see. ;