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Ferrari 458 Italia "Bianco avus RED top" 1.02

Ferrari's classic white with a twist

  1. Bernd Graf
    Based off another real hardtop 458 at my local Ferrari dealer, the inspiration was a white car with deep red rims sporting white Ferrari "Prancing Horse" hub inserts. I added a few minor touches of my own which include:

    Deep red carbon door panels and dash trim
    Italia Tricolore-inspired seat belts
    Matching AC crew
    Corsa red stitching on wheel and seats
    bianco steering wheel leather
    last but not least, a RED top reminiscent of the game's Corsa red "dark top" car


    1. acs 2014-03-05 19-47-54-47.jpg
    2. 2.jpg
    3. 3.jpg
    4. 1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Cerbero
    Version: Version 1.01
    I like it!!!
    1. Bernd Graf
      Author's Response
      I hope to release more of replica cars in my area, thanks for the feedback.
  2. Joel
    Version: 2014-03-06
    Awesome! I really like the red paddle shifters :))))
    1. Bernd Graf