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Electronics Flags F1 2014 2.0

Electronics Flags in F1 2014 (From Italien83's F1 2012)This mod replace the normals flags of F1 2014

  1. CHRALO1234
    Flags made by Italien83.;)

    I just have extracted them from F1 2012 MOD and convert them for F1 2014 game.

    Very easy installation Just replace Frontend folder in your F1 2014 Foolder.

    Originals files included :thumbsup:

    2014-12-13_00002.jpg 2014-12-13_00004.jpg 2014-12-13_00008.jpg 2014-12-13_00009.jpg ]

Recent Reviews

  1. TrollingDerpGuy
    Version: 2.0
    Looks better then Original